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MOCK QA Very Large Scale Integration

<< Why digital design was not popular in early days? What do you mean by (a) Latch and (b) Gated Latch?  >>

Module: Combinational Circuit Design

What is a parity bit generator? Draw a circuit diagram of 9-bit parity generator and write VHDL code for it. 

Parity Bit Generator : The simplest technique for detecting error is that of adding an extra bit, known as a parity bit to each word being transmitted. Parity generator is a logic circuit constructed with exclusive- OR functions that is an odd function whose value is binary I and only if odd number of variables are equal to 1.

More Mock QA from Very Large Scale Integration

Explain the operation of microcomputer.

What do you mean by ROM?

Explain the implementation of a simple micro-computer system using 

Why wait statement is normally used at the end of process and not at the beginning? 

Enumerate comparison between concurrent and sequential statements. report string expression [severity expression]; 

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