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Computer Programming I KT Guess paper June 2012 Mumbai University First Year (Common)


Computer Programming I KT Guess paper June 2012 Mumbai University First Year (Common)

Attempt every theory questions

Read everything related to functions friend functions.virtual functions,function overloading, constructor etc.

What is object oriented programming paradigm? List the basic concepts of it ?Explain each concept

What is the output of the following programs :-


void main


List the basic concepts of it?

int i=1 ,j=1;

for (;;)



else j+=i;

cout <j < <endl;




(ii) #include<iostream.h>

void main()


int k=3, l=4, m;

m=++k + l--;

cout<"Value of m"«m«endl;


cout<"Value of m"«m«endl;


Write a program that simulates a simple calculator. It reads two integers and one character. If the character is a +, the sum is printed; if it is a -, the difference is printed; if it a *, the product is printed, if it is a I, the quotient is printed and if it is a %, the remainder is printed. (Hint: Use a switch statement.)


Write a program that calculates the square roots of a quadratic equation.

Writea program that reads a positive integer n and then prints a triangle of asterisks in n rows. If n=4, then the output would be


* *

* * *

* * * *

Write a program to generate the following pattern:








 Write a program to print prime numbers from 1 to 200.

Explain Call-by-value and Call-by-reference with example

What is virtual function? What is the need of virtual function?

Explain the difference between a constructor and destructor in C++.

What is recursion? Write a program to reverse a number using recursive function

Write a program to perform matrix multiplication

What is constructor ? why it is call so ? what are the syntax rules for writing constructor ? Describe inline constructor

WAP to find GCD and Common divisor of two numbers

Explain storage classes with one programming example

WAP transpose of matrix

What is operator overloading ? overload operators +, +=, ++ on complex number. ++ should increment real and imaginary parts by 1


Write short notes on the following

 Friend function

 Virtual Base class.

 Static data member and function

 Access Specifier.

 Virtual functions



Function Overloading




Computer Programming I, KT Guess paper, June 2012, Mumbai University First Year,Polymorphism,OOP,C++,function overloading,constructor,virtual function,Inheritance

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