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How to Crack HR interview Sucessfully

Presentation of Oneself and Documents

1. One must use only a formal dress to appear for an interview.
2. One must keep away from using new clothes because one may not know how to function well in them.
3. Do not change usual hair styles or clothing patterns as they will be an inconvenience to the candidates.
4. Use only executive clothing. (Deep and bright colours may not suit the occasion.)
5. Dress has to be neat, clean and ironed to show order and discipline.
6. One must carry a pen either in the pocket or in the wallet.
7. One must carry all the documents in an order in a file.
8. Don't carry documents in an envelope as it may take time to show them to the interviewers.
9. One must carry relevant documents only.
10. One's copies of the application sent, resume and certificate of qualifying examination are the most important documents.
11. Do not carry the certificates and documents in a plastic bag as it will not give the impression of quality and class.
12. Never present any certificate or document until it is asked for.
13. and one must remember to amass all the certificates given for perusal at the interview.
  Entry, Seating and Exit in an interview:  
1. You must knock at the door and then enter (even if your name is called out).
2. You must greet the interviewers as soon as you enter in (the lady first and the gentlemen thereafter).
3. You must take a seat only after you are asked to.
4. You must keep in mind to say  Thank You before being seated.
5. You must not pull the chair. On the other hand, you must lift it if necessary and always must enter from the right side of the chair.
6. You must sit without crossing legs and must sit straight.
7. You must look at the interviewers instead of looking down/up.
8. You must keep whatever paper materials you carry on your lap (not on the table).
9. You must bend forward a little bit while answering questions.
10. While answering a questioner, you must remember to look at the other interviewers as well. You must avoid unpleasant gestures like touching moustache, scratching nose or arranging hair.
11. You must not carry anything like a key bunch or a pen in your hand.
12. At the end of the interview, you must get up and move out only after thanking the interviewers.
13. And while moving out, step back first, then turn and walk away.
  Answering at Interviews: 

1. Make sure that you listen to questions carefully to comprehend and if you have not understood a question, politely request for a repeat.
2. Make sure that you give short answers unless asked for longer ones. You must display confidence but not arrogance.
3. You must be firm when you are sure, otherwise start statements with I think or  As far as I know.
4. Make sure that you produce all the words clearly and speak loud enough to hear.
5. You must make sure that you answer immediately without wasting time.
6. You must make sure that you avoid being humorous or ironical in your answers.
7. You must keep looking at the interviewers and never at other things in the room or outside.
8. You should give authentic information about any details connected with your resume.
9. It is important to remember that it is impolite to take anything from the table in front of the interviewer.
10. One should keep away tightening a tie or pulling at the dress while answering any question.
11. You should not answer in a raised voice even when the question comes in that manner.
12. Give answers in simple single sentences.
13. Try to avoid giving additional information unless asked for.
14. If you are complimented for the answers, make sure that you thank the interviewer.
15. If your answer or opinions are rejected by the interviewer, you must say  sorry.
16. Try not to repeat answers, phrases or words.
17. And beware of mannerisms and avoid them of possible.
  Demeanor and Interactions in Interviews:  

1. Remember to keep a smiling face in order to welcome any question.
2. Try to avoid any disagreement with the interviewer unless it involves your belief systems.
3. In case if you have to disagree with the interviewer do it politely after expressing regret or asking for pardon.
4. Don't contradict an answer through a subsequent answer.
5. You must also accept if an error is brought to the notice of yours.
6. One must use a language that is easy to understand but formal in its usage.
7. One should avoid offering hand for a hand shake. But, if offered by the interviewer, one should accept it.
8. A male candidate has to stand up to shake hands and a female candidate may accept an offer while being seated.
9. The behaviour of the candidate should convince the interviewer about the excellence of personality that the candidate has.
10. You should never exhibit any emotion about an answer that a candidate considers very dear or correct.
11. You must not also condemn or deprecate any other person, group, community or nation during the interview.
12. In case you are asked about achievements or successes, you should take care to list only those which can be proved with evidence.
13. You should make sure that all questions are answered.
14. And of course, there is no mistake if you request an interviewer to ask questions on a subject of your choice.

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